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There's a hidden role within us all, and it is up to all of us to be able to find the real reason for why we would decide to pursue this hidden role, to make this hidden role front and center on this giant stage called life, and not just discover it and see it but live in this place. This reality of who we really are.

This is displayed with permission of Trial® (July 2017). No juror will recall every fact or piece fo evidence, so you need to connect jurors to your client's case on a deeper level. This means crafting an story that live and breathes. Approach this as if there are two stories to communicate: the "surface" story; and the "beneath-the-surface" story.

The Director's Cut What You Can Learn from the Stage and Screen to Help Find the Right Story for Your Client In our Tell the Winning Story workshops, when you create your client’s monologue (finding your clients emotional truth) you play the part of the actor/storyteller, with your partner directing you. Then you trade places to become your partner’s director.

Case Stories Following are Case Stories (Case Studies - but in story form) that demonstrate the benefits of Tell The Winning Story: Shows how an underdog case of a young mother and her children, with a relatively unknown attorney (Penn Law Firm & Zollie Steakley Co-counsel), had no hope against a $2 billion trucking company--but won an $89.6 million verdict with the help of Tell The Winning Story.