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Jesse Wilson is an entertaining jury consultant and engaging public keynote speaker who impacts audiences with his high energy delivery and practical content. Combining his expertise in emotional connection and creating powerful narratives, Jesse empowers trial lawyers to “Tell The Winning Story” to judges and juries, as a nationwide jury and trial consultant on multi-million dollar civil trial cases for respected litigators at top firms.

Jesse believes that emotional connection is key to building a powerful case narrative and effectively preparing clients and witnesses to testify delivering the high-impact needed to win cases.
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Jesse has adapted his methods directly from his formal training as an actor and his decades of experience honing his craft on stage. His methods are valuable at all stages of case preparation and trial lawyer work from Voir Dire, Openings, Closings, Witness Testimony and all points in between.

Speaking Topics

The following popular keynotes are available for any size group:


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How To Transform Your Client From Victim To Victor

In the advocacy of the victim, trial lawyers should never play the victim themselves…or EVER allow their client to fall into the victim trap. And yet, without question, one of the greatest dangers for both the actor and trial lawyer is staying in “the victim trap” and never shifting your emotional state to a place that allows the audience to be your champion. Jesse Wilson will show you how to coach your client so that they are never pulled into the victim trap.


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From Self, To Client, To Jury

The role of the theater has grown increasingly popular in the world of effective communication and trial advocacy. Jesse Wilson’s highly engaging presentation provides a road map to help trial lawyers develop the vital emotional, authentic, human connection from their clients to the heart of the jury—through the practical, accessible, and highly transformative power of the theater.


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How To Overcome The Fear of Authentic Connection

Break out of the mental trap to see the reality that vulnerability is born out of incredible strength. “Dropping your guard” translates to being empowered in a way that you walk, talk, speak your truth in all your relationships and are elevated to a new level of confidence that is beautifully contagious to all who you encounter in your personal and professional life.


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Creating Culture Through Authentic Communication

Mutual trust is required to succeed in today’s competitive law firm environment. The best trial and jury law firms are built on great ideas, but if no one is willing to share, culture and growth stagnate. Great ideas come from people through authentic communication. As personal development for seasoned trial attorneys, teaching associates collaborative skills, or cultural succession planning, this presentation will help you discover how authentic communication is fundamental to success and creating a culture that is relevant now and in the future.


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The Power of The Obstacle

Can you recognize your own personal struggles as assets to recognize the “pain points” in your clients and reach the heart of their story? Can you access the power of vulnerability, and turn your vulnerability into credibility in the courtroom? The answer begins… and ends, with The Obstacle. There’s an incredible power lurking behind the obstacle, if we’re able to develop the tools to recognize and use its power.


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The 8 Fundamentals of Powerful Communication for Actors and Lawyers

The true power of winning communication is an inside job for both the actor and the trial lawyer. The obstacles stopping you from becoming a great communicator and public speaker must be discovered and once discovered, they must be overcome. Endless review of “techniques,” “communication checklists” or intellectualized communication theory will not transform you into a great communicator. Instead, Tell The Winning Story is built on a foundation that allows you to “discover and breakthrough” the obstacles preventing you from becoming a great communicator while helping you understand that those obstacles are your greatest strength.

In this presentation, Jesse Wilson will challenge you to make it a priority to discover and overcome the areas that that are holding you back from being a great communicator in a way that is not addressed in other books on trial skills and communication. Through this process, trial lawyers are introduced to the 8 Fundamentals of Powerful Communication—the skills that will transform your ability to communicate in every area of your practice.