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There are too many books, seminars, boot camps and consultants teaching attorneys “communication skills,” and none of these reach the heart of the problem—unlocking you from the areas holding you back from delivering a powerful performance to your audience…whomever your audience happens to be. Techniques never have been and never will be enough to make much of a difference—you need to make the shift now! We look forward to working with you.

Tell The Winning Story Testimonials

Here are a few of the awesome trial lawyers we’ve had the privilege of working with at “Tell The Winning Story” seminars and workshops.

Tell The Winning Story Mel Orchard Interview

When you work with Mel and Jesse, be prepared to get on your feet, move, and connect in a way that may feel out of the box for you, but will direct you towards a more powerful way of telling your client’s story and connecting “The Winning Story” to your audience. You may not be used to using the word “performance” to describe your work in front of the jury, but we assure you we’ll show you how to make the word “performance” to be synonymous with the truth… And, in truth, we believe from an audience/jury’s perspective there is nothing more entertaining or compelling to watch than the truth, and nothing but the truth.

Tell The Winning Story Jesse Interview

Great lawyers are driven by passion… for the law, their client, and in doing what is right. They also like to win. One of the greatest ways to leverage this passion– taking your confidence one step further in the courtroom– is to not just tell a story but tell the right story to convince your jury. We look forward to helping you convert this passion into results—for you and your trusting clients.

Tell The Winning Story Legacy Continues

Communications specialist and jury trial consultant Jesse Wilson talks about some of the greatest teachers who have paved the way for many in the crossover of theater and litigation, and who have inspired him to step onto the stage with “Tell The Winning Story.”

TTWS at Southwestern Law School

“Tell the Winning Story” is the essential element to quickly and drastically improve your communication skills… inside and outside the courtroom stage. Co-teaching with Mel Orchard, a nationally recognized trial attorney and faculty member at Gerry Spence’s Trial Lawyer’s College in Wyoming, “Tell The Winning Story” works with law school students and seasoned litigators to discover their client’s story faster and more effectively, using the timeless tools of the theater.

TEDx Colorado Springs “Live Your Greater Story”

There is a greater role, and a greater story hidden behind the masks we wear in life. The challenge is not to confuse the mask for the role we were born to live.


Law school teaches law and logic using well-known techniques. And it’s true, you must have enough logic to make a sound argument (to convince the jury in their heads), but it is well established that emotion is what convinces in the heart, it’s what makes it personal, and creates immediate action (the kind you need for a quick and positive decision). And the best way to create emotion, and wake up your jury? Tell an emotional, authentic, and powerful story. When the story begins… the jury wakes up.

TEDx CSU “The Power of The Obstacle: An Inside Job”

Jesse Wilson was inspired to create “Tell The Winning Story” after co-developing a Theater-Behind-Bars program for inmates. The program helped inmates make powerful changes in their lives. The true power of a story always comes from inside us, the storyteller… And it’s when we’re able to embrace “the obstacle” that our greatest power emerges. Through the powerful monologue form, Jesse introduces the audience to several “voices” that he worked closely with behind bars.