Jury Trial Consultant Questions


Following are the most common questions:

Why do I need the help of a jury consultant?

Even with years of trial lawyer experience under your belt, it’s often difficult to gain the proper perspective of your case, clients, and witnesses objectively when you’ve spent so much time, energy, and money working so closely on it. At Tell The Winning Story jury consultant firm, as the role of “the 13th juror,” our jury consultant team can help bring an objective eye to your arguments and overall communication effectiveness, as well as help you evaluate the weaknesses (“landmines”) of your potential case and turn them into your cases greatest strengths.

How is this program delivered?

  • As a law firm customized workshop or remote retreat
  • At a group CLE Accredited Workshop
  • One-on-one on-site, pre-trial, trial and jury consulting
  • By phone or video conference
  • Self-paced within an online e-learning system

What does a jury consultant know that an experienced litigator does not know?

  • Trial lawyers are experts on the law, but that often does not translate to them knowing their client, which will greatly hinder the outcome of your case. Tell The Winning Story jury and trial consultant firm provides a perspective that complements the skills and knowledge of the litigator while making the human connection to jurors who a) don’t know anything about the law and b) don’t want to be there!
  • Trial attorneys hire jury consultants to provide knowledge that integrates all of the human dynamics in the case, a great trial consultant enhances the natural speaking style of the litigator, helps find the best strategies to connect both emotionally and rationally to the jury, and maximizes the best possible outcome for the client. It’s also an interesting fact that if a jury consultant has a strong theater background (as in the case of Katherine James, David Ball, Joshua Karton, and Jesse Wilson) they are well equipped to reach the heart and the mind of the jurors—since that’s what they’ve been trained to do.Trial consultants are not usually trial lawyers, though some are. However, it is precisely because trial and jury consultants offer knowledge and skills that complement or supplement the trial attorney’s skills, that the perspective they offer can be invaluable.

What types of cases does the Tell The Winning Story team handle?

At the Tell The Winning Story jury consultant firm, we work with plaintiffs and defendants in civil and criminal matters throughout the country with individuals as well as private and public entities.  Case types include:

  • Wrongful death
  • Medical malpractice
  • Auto accidents
  • Traumatic brain injury cases, to name a few.

In addition to helping the client (plaintiff) be seen in “their best light,” Tell The Winning Story has prepared both expert and lay witnesses for depositions and hearings to connect to the human story that you and your team need to be telling together.

Why do I need a jury consultant if my firm and I typically settle most of our cases?

Tell The Winning Story jury consultant team helps facilitate many mock trial and focus group research sessions prior to mediation to assist in the overall assessment of settlement offers and/or demands. This provides assistance in making an educated decision and giving you the confidence to proceed with the optimal settlement arrangement. Additionally, conducting research prior to mediation or arbitration allows you to strengthen your case before making the presentation to the mediator or arbitration panel.

Can you help me get my witnesses and experts ready for trial?

Yes. Witness preparation is one of the primary focus areas of the Tell The Winning Story jury consultant firm. Everything your witness says (verbally and non-verbally) during a trial has a significant effect on jurors, and no matter how prepared you may think you are, if one of your witnesses is perceived in any way as untrustworthy, off-putting, or unreliable, your case could be gutted right there on the courtroom floor.

The witness needs to be prepared (not coached) to be seen in their best light in front of other human beings (jurors) who a) don’t know anything about the law b) don’t want to be there! We work closely with witnesses to make sure they are well-prepared for the courtroom experience and that they can deliver honest, credible, and authentic testimony that will strengthen your case and help your client be seen in their best light.

How much advanced notice does your team require to get involved with a case?

The earlier the better for both you, your firm, your plaintiff/s, and our team. Clients will contact us months in advance and sometimes even a year out from trial in order to schedule and conduct the vital pre-trial research, development, and deliverables necessary in telling the right story. However, we will also work with clients who are experiencing a time constraint and need our services immediately.

What are your rates?

Rates vary depending on the scope and depth of work required. They also depend on if you need on-site jury consultant training, workshop, or an in-person seminar with you and/or your firm. Fortunately, most firms have been pleased with our pricing (often much more affordable than alternatives), but especially with the results (having won multi-million dollar verdicts based on the help they received). Click here to get a detailed quote.