Tell The Winning Story: “Directing For The Courtroom Stage” With Mel Orchard

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12 Jun

Tell The Winning Story: “Directing For The Courtroom Stage” With Mel Orchard

June 12, 2020 @ 12:00 pm - June 13, 2020 @ 4:30 pm MDT


Apply The 8 Fundamentals of Breakthrough Communication From The Stage and Screen And Develop Your Skillset as both Storyteller and Director

Join Jesse Wilson and Mel Orchard for an exclusive 2 day virtual workshop which will take a deep dive into the 8 Fundamentals of Breakthrough Communication Video Series released this year from Trial Guides. Applying the 8 Fundamentals to the foundational skills of a Great Director will help put you on the pathway to Performance Mastery… inside and outside the courtroom stage.

Jesse Wilson is a communications specialist, jury trial consultant, and Juilliard trained actor and director who impacts audiences with his high energy delivery and practical content. Mel Orchard has been trying cases throughout the United States for over 26 years—the past 15 of which were as Gerry Spence’s partner. Mel is also an actor, who has incorporated his theatre training since day one in telling stories in a courtroom.

Mel and Jesse translate the language of the stage to the courtroom and beyond, and have been doing this work for the better part of a decade.


Cost is $500 per person


2-Day Workshop Agenda

The Workshop is Broken into 3 Main Sections or "Acts"

Each day runs from 12-4:30pm with a 30 minute break


Act I - Self Connection: Unleashing Your Power as a Great Communicator and Storyteller

  • Harmonizing thought/emotion/body
  • Introduction to the 4 Steps of The Monologue and the importance of Emotional Connection to making an impact in the courtroom.
  • Introduction of the Emotional Connection Road Map attendees will follow from the beginning to the end of the workshop: Self, Client, Jury.
  • Working with the lessons of the Neutral Mask and Character Mask to collapse the emotional barriers that get in the way of your ability to take emotional risks as a great communicator and storyteller.
  • The 5 fundamental human emotions and how they affect emotional state of the attorney, the judge and the jury.

Identifying Conflict as an Ally in your Case Narrative

  • Interactive: Conflict/Struggle/Resolution
  • Developing a Powerful Stage Presence – Introduce attorneys to “high performance communication effectiveness and presentation skills” involving breathing, body movement (spatial awareness), trusting silence, and articulation and how each affects the ability of judge and jury to recognize, understand, and recall key points in the case narrative.
  • (Supporting Doc: Vocal Variety Scorecard)

Defining "The Crossroad"

  • Interactive: “Embodying the crossroad” — nonverbal communication exercise.
  • Attendees learn new skills to help develop language, themes, “power anchors” and strategy in the winning story.
  • (Supporting Doc: Emotional Connection Scorecard)
  • Interactive: Defining “the stretch…in a memorable character, your client, and you.”


Act II - Client Connection: Transforming Your Client from Victim to Victor

  • Attorneys present the “first round” of their Opening Statement in front of the group, applying the “conflict/struggle/resolution” into the case narrative. Each attorney provides critique and feedback, applying the concepts learned in Act I.
  • Continue Opening Statements and critiques.

"The Client’s Story"

  • Attorneys make “the personal connection” and apply the 4 Steps of the Monologue, The Crossroad, and The Stretch (The Greater Story), towards the creation of an original monologue in the voice and perspective of their client.
  • Discussion and reflection: The value of the “Winning Story vs The Whining Story,” how to craft a case narrative with the right balance and its specific effects in the courtroom on judge, jury and on the attorney’s case presentation.


Act III - Jury Connection: Arming Them for Justice

  • Revision and new application from the Monologue work in Act I.
  • Attorneys apply “The Hot Choice List” into their second-round presentations of the client’s Monologue. Each attorney provides critique and feedback, applying the concepts learned in Act I and Act II.
  • Discussion and Interactive: “Where to place it?” Authentic emotional placement and strengthening impact in a case argument and case narrative.

"The Closing Argument"

  • Attorneys present their 1st round of Closing Arguments based on the feedback from the instructor and their peers.
  • Discussion and Interactive: How to coach the client and witnesses to convey their winning story within the framework of the case narrative.
  • Discussion and Interactive: How to outline/storyboard the strongest and most critical case narrative elements for maximum courtroom impact.


Date: June 12, 2020 @ 12:00 pm - June 13, 2020 @ 4:30 pm MDT
Time: 12:00 pm - 4:30 pm
Organizer Name: Jesse Wilson
Phone: 719-216-8390