Tell The Winning Story: CLE Trial Skills Virtual Workshop Sponsored by The Bussey Law Firm

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17 Sep

Tell The Winning Story: CLE Trial Skills Virtual Workshop Sponsored by The Bussey Law Firm

September 17


Discovering and Delivering The Right Story For Your Client

Sponsored by The Bussey Law Firm

September 17
9:30am- 4:30pm MT

Virtual Workshop

With Jesse Wilson

Communications Specialist and Jury Trial Consultant


Bring your cases. Let's get to work.

If you’re in a street fight, you go back to the fundamentals to survive. Same holds true with effective communication. It’s easy to get “lost in your head,” but when it comes to commanding the courtroom stage, the fundamentals of getting your audience to not just listen, but care… are timeless… because they work.

Whether you handle personal injury, civil, or criminal defense cases, great communication is an art form that requires practice – and has fundamentals you can fall back on. Telling your client’s story involves digging deep into who they are at the core and discovering a rhythm and style that is all your own.

With the breakthrough communication and presentation work you’ll be guided through in this two day workshop, together we’ll be taking a look at the “whole you,” on your feet. One of the primary take aways from the work is to help transfer “the ease of your natural state” and put it into your “effective communications state” whether you’re working with your clients, expert witnesses, or delivering the winning story to the jury. The foundation for your power as a great communicator already exists. You have a rhythm and style all your own. It is the intent of this workshop to broaden your range and greatest potential as a communicator in the telling of your client’s stories and command the courtroom stage.



Breakthrough Communication and Presentation Skills


9:30am-12:30pm MT

Introduction of The Monologue

  • Making fear your ally on stage— from stage fright to stage presence
  • Develop your own personal style, and command the audience’s (jury’s) attention with the 8 fundamentals of breakthrough communication from the stage and screen
  • Expanding vocal range, breathing techniques, inflection, and expressivenes
  • Increase your courage and confidence through the art of improvisation
  • Speak, Silence! Using silence powerfully and effectively in your delivery
  • Owning “your story” with your entire body, not just “from the neck up:” Non-verbal communication & body language
  • An increased understanding of the importance of posture, gestures and establishing proper eye contact during your Opening statement
  • Increased ability to effectively use pitch, articulation, inflection, volume, rate, and clarity in your delivery
  • Introduction of The Four Steps of the Monologue:
    1. Who are you talking to?
    2. What do you want? (Intention)
    3. What is getting in the way of what you want? (The Obstacle)
    4. What changes in the emotional journey?

Application of Communication and Presentation Skills


12:30pm-4:30pm MT

Presentation of The Monologue

Stepping into the role of your client, you will learn how to powerfully communicate your client’s story and find their “voice” through the presentation of the monologue to the group. Through the monologue form, you will discover the Greater Story of your client as well as apply directly the fundamentals of breakthrough communication from Act I.

  • Step into and trust the power of your presence to tell the clients story. “Don’t just do something… stand there.”
  • The ability to “read” and analyze your audience
  • Emotional “State management”—make the shift from being ineffectively “emotional” to being “emotionally available” as a great communicator
  • STAGE (Staging, Timing, Audience, Gestures, Emotion) – “blocking techniques” for maximum engagement from your audience


Date: September 17
Time: -
Venue: Virtual Workshop
Organizer Name: Jesse Wilson
Phone: 719-216-8390