Remove The Mask: The Hidden Power of Emotional Connection

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29 Sep

Remove The Mask: The Hidden Power of Emotional Connection

September 29 - September 30

The mask does not conceal. It reveals. Explore the art and science of Storytelling and Human connection in the Santa Monica Mountains.

Non-verbal communication is a doorway into the most vital skill the trial lawyer can ever grow to master: more than strictly great storytelling, the lawyer must master the art of human connection, one of the most important and most often ignored trial skills there is.

Here is the place to sharpen your storytelling skills and greatest storytelling instrument (you) through the use of The Character and Neutral Mask.

When it comes to removing the mask of your client to discover their deep emotional truth, it requires imagination, collaboration, trust, and courage to be able to look deeper into the light of who they are…but mainly it requires you to know what you’re even looking for in the first place. Your job is to help remove your client’s mask before depositions are even taken. And that begins with discovering how they need to be seen in this story you are telling together.

That means you have to look deeper. That means you have to look beneath the mask.

Here’s the place to remove that mask.

In our 1 Day Workshop, you will journey through 3 Acts. They are:

Act I – Self Connection
Act II – Client Connection
Act III – Jury Connection

This will be a day and an experience you will never forget.


Date: September 29 - September 30
Time: -
Organizer Name: Jesse Wilson
Phone: 719-216-8390