Welcome to the next stage in your development to being a powerful communicator.

Tell The Winning Story seminars and workshops for litigators are invaluable opportunities for you to gain a rapid access pass into your ability to powerfully motivate, move, and inspire your audience to take action in yours (and your client’s) favor. Here you will grow out of your comfort zone, get “out of your head” and experience the 8 fundamentals of powerful communication on your feet.

The Tell The Winning Story seminars and workshops are certificate oriented experiences that are conducted to impart the latest knowledge to participants in a profession that is dependent on practical skills to reach the heart of the jury.

Nothing gets you faster to making the emotional connection to your clients and jury, and yourself, then deep-diving with the same tools and techniques that have not only transformed the greatest actors on the stage and screen, but have captivated audiences throughout centuries.

What is the difference between a Seminar and Workshop?

Seminars and workshops are short term training courses designed to help litigators and legal teams enhance their communication and persuasion skills. Seminars are more lecture oriented and better suited when the number of participants is large (above 40 people). Though all the Tell The Winning Story seminars are highly interactive, personalized attention is not always possible in seminars as much as they are in workshops. Typically, Tell The Winning Story workshops will “deep dive” into the communication concepts introduced in a seminar.

  • Workshops demonstrate trial skills and techniques and have fewer attendees.
  • Workshops often last for one, two, or three days, or in some instances a week, depending on the requirement. Seminars are typically a one or half day in length (but can also range from 90 minutes up to three hours depending on your needs).
  • Seminars often have more than hundred participants. Workshops intentionally have 25 participants or less.
  • Questions typically come at the end of presentations in a Tell The Winning Story seminar. In a workshop, questions get attention as they emerge through the experiential learning environment. You do not have to wait till the end to ask questions.

Many seminars that I’ve previously attended don’t always “speak” to the various learning styles that people have. How does Tell The Winning Story differ?

What stands Tell the Winning Story apart from other seminars is that you are taught the fundamentals of powerful communication in the seminars using all learning styles: inlecture form (auditory learner), in visual form (visual learner) and with consistent on-your-feet exercise to practice what you have seen presented (hands-on learner). In doing this, you walk away with more than a textbook knowledge of the material; you have an intellectual, as well as an emotional and physical left-brain/right brain experience… which is the tri-fold pathway to true learning. “Get it in your head, heart, and body.”

Aa an example it would be like reading a book about swimming. You get an intellectual idea of what swimming is like, yet until you actually dive into the water and begin to swim, you really do not incorporate the learning internally… in your body where true learning has its greatest potential. At a Tell The Winning Story seminar, you walk away with a deeper understanding and the ability to incorporate all the tools that have been taught, long beyond the “come Monday morning.”

Who should attend a Tell The Winning Story seminar or workshop?

Seasoned professionals, new attorneys and even paralegals benefit from the seminars or workshops. Although the primary focus is in her or his telling of the right story to the jury, lawyers at all levels, paralegals and even technical specialist find the seminars and workshops help improve their communication and presentation skills dramatically.

Can your seminars and workshops really improve a lawyer’s communication skills? After all, many of our lawyers have gone through years of law school. How can one workshop make a difference?

The best answer is revealed in the question— “many years of law school.” Tell The Winning Story’s on-our feet program deep-dives into areas of effective communication and storytelling techniques that 90% of most law schools never touch—areas of human connection, interaction, and emotional connection that is absolutely ESSENTIAL in winning cases.

Even better, once you’ve experience the Tell The Winning Story techniques in effective communication, you will notice they greatly enhance the areas that you have been taught in law school. Many clients invite Jesse and the team back multiple times for a refresher course, and to train new associates–because they experienced enormous growth in themselves!

We don’t have enough lawyers for a workshop. Could we “share” you or your team with another firm?

Yes. If you don’t have enough participants for your own in-house/on-site program, you can join with another law firm or legal department on a shared basis. The program costs and travel costs are also shared.

How late can I register for a seminar or workshop?

Pre-registration is encouraged but you can also register at the door–if space is available. It is best to pre-register. Besides, sometimes there are early-bird discounts if you pre-register by the deadline.

Can a Tell The Winning Story workshop be presented on-site for my firm or legal organization?

Yes.  On-site training is conducted for thousands of clients every year.  the Tell The Winning Story On-Site training courses can often be tailored to accommodate the any special needs.

Minimize downtime, disruption and expense by scheduling an on-site Tell The Winning Story breakthrough communication training event. Course topics are offered to meet specific business needs in pre-trial or trial to meet the organizational goals of your firm or organization.

Yearning to engage your team in an extremely fun, creative problem-solving or brainstorming session that elicits constructive feedback? That’s one of the team specialties. You also address skill gaps in Discovering The Story, working with clients, voir dire/jury selection and connection, Opening Statement or Closing Argument, and can even customize the on-site training to meet the specific needs surrounding a current or upcoming case.

Why Schedule an On-Site Training?

  • On-site training is priced per person with groups of 10 or more.
  • 50+ training topics delivered to your location.
  • Customized learning eliminates skill-gaps.
  • Get the best of both worlds in communication breakthrough training applicable to a current or upcoming case you are working on
  • Just-in-time communication training inspires immediate change in the discovery and delivery of your story.
  • Private and confidential training boosts unity and morale.
  • 100% satisfaction guaranteed.

Can we use videoconferencing at a seminar or workshop?

Yes. While a skills-training workshop is most effective in person, Jesse and his team will conduct workshops with videoconferencing when necessary. 

Can I make an audio or video recording of the seminar or workshop?

No.  We do not allow any audio or video recording of the seminars or workshops. However, the Tell The Winning Story video team films all of the seminars and workshops in beautifully edited high-end videos and courses which you can purchase and earn from long after your in-person experience.

Will I receive course materials?

Yes, you will receive materials at the seminar. These materials are prepared specifically for each presentation by the speakers. They serve as a valuable reference when you are back at the office.

How is Tell The Winning Story seminars or workshops different from other programs out there claiming to make me a more effective communicator and litigator?

The communication breakthrough at Tell The Winning Story is based on the understanding that “If nothing changes… nothing changes.” No matter how scintillating the left brain head-knowledge of your training may be, the reason why “nothing changes,” and why nothing will ever change in your ability to motivate and move audiences to take action, is because you haven’t changed along the way after having data-dumped into your brain.

Fortunately, with Tell The Winning Story, you have a deep emotional experience that takes you out of the comfort zone of your own limited thinking, changes your entire emotional state, and awakens you to your greater power, purpose, and passion as a great communicator on your feet. In simple terms… it sticks.

Come Monday morning, how will I be able to keep the new tools, techniques, and mad communication skills sharpened and applicable to my clients and upcoming cases?

Not to sound crude, but at Tell The Winning Story, we don’t believe in “one-night stands,” but in growing long term working relationships, which means that there are many ways to “keep the tools polished”— such as consistent weekly articles, webinars, and yearly scheduled seminars and workshops (discounted since you’ve already previously been an attendee).

There’s also the opportunity to schedule private one-on-one communications coaching with Jesse or other qualified team members either through a skype/video conference or in-person to help you continue on your pathway to your success with your team, clients, and cases.

Many long-term clients were first introduced to Tell The Winning Story through seminars and workshops, and developed the trust to hire the team again to help with their cases.

What is the seminar or workshop cancellation policy?

A full refund can be issued if a reservation is cancelled 60 days prior to your seminar or workshop. A 50% refund can be issued within 30 days of the event date, or you can transfer your registration fee to another seminar of your choice that is scheduled within 12 months from your original date within 30 days of the event date (prevents the loss of half your registration fees).

There is no refund for any cancellations after 30 days – since facilities and flight expenses have typically already occurred. However, you can send a substitute from your organization at any time.

How will I be notified of any changes to my scheduled seminar?

The customer service department will notify you by phone, or e-mail if any changes are made to your scheduled seminar.  Be sure to add Jesse@tellthewinningstory.com to your email address book so it does not accidentally get caught in your spam box and you are sure to receive these messages.

What if I require special attention because of a disability?

Events are typically booked at facilities that meet ADA requirements and provide special assistance. Please contact customer service if you have any special needs

Will I receive confirmation of my registration?

Yes, you will receive a detailed confirmation email.

How do I obtain proof/verification of my participation?

You will typically receive a certificate of completion (if applicable) within one week of the event.

How will my CLE (continuing legal education) credits be reported?

Attendance validation will either be reported to your accrediting agency, or you will be provided with the information you need to report your own and detailed credit submission instructions will be provided at the event.

How do I become a speaker at a Tell The Winning Story seminar or workshop?

Contact us at 719-216-8390 or email us at Jesse@tellthewinningstory.com

How do I submit a topic I am interested in seeing presented?

Contact Customer Service at 719-216-8390 or email Jesse@tellthewinningstory.com

Will other related learning resources be available at the seminar or workshop?

Some events may have books, DVD’s and software available to purchase at special seminar-only pricing.

What about meals and parking?

Unless otherwise noted, meals and parking are on your own (however, most seminars and workshops will provide lunch).

What’s the cost of your seminars and workshops?

The cost for the seminars and workshops varies depending on the number of days teaching and size of the group. Seminars and Workshops vary in price from $750-$5,000 per person, not including travel or lodging expenses, depending upon event locations, number of days, class sizes, and guest speaker inclusions.

Discount rates are applicable depending on if you’ve already attended prior TTWS seminars or workshops and if you’re already an existing or soon-to-be client of Jesse and his team on a current or upcoming trial.

What are your payment methods?

Payment can be in the form of Cash, Check and Major Credit Cards.