You Can’t Escape Performance

An actor gets ready to take to the stage… the costume is on. The makeup is on. The lines are memorized. The audience is in their seats. The stage lights dim… it’s show time. The lines come out of the actors mouth. But the performance is flat. The voice is strained. The body is frozen. The fire is out before it’s even begun. You might have “great content” up there, but who cares? The disconnect is immediate. No matter how hard the actor tries to ignite the fire on stage, it’s not working. Why? The harder the actor pushes, the worse it gets. The performance dies in the first act of the play.

Take this example and compare it to your life, the grand play. In every moment, you are the actor at the crossroads between a dead performance and a “live,” emotionally charged performance… and the difference is not about the part, the play, the lines, the costume, the theater, or the audience.

The difference is YOU.

The text book definition for Performance is “an event in which a performer or group of performers behave in a particular way for another group of people, the audience.” You’ll notice that the definition doesn’t qualify performance as a good performance or bad performance. It just says “behave in a particular way.” Every day we “behave in a particular way.” “Performance” is used frequently in all sorts of areas in every day life: “creating sustainable performance,” “performance enhancement,” “high performance parts,” “peak performance…” yada yada yada. HOW are you “showing up” is the question. I’m interested in helping people deliver outstanding performances, in every aspect of their life, with every fiber of their being. For me, “Showing Up” is synonymous with Performance. Showing Up is about committing 100 percent to your life, in all your relationships, and not pulling your punches, not giving into fear, but using the fear to help you re-write the script, dump the old story, and LIVE a new, greater story.

How are you showing up in your life?

If an actor is unable to tap into their “inner fire” that makes the part come alive, they’re a walking shell on stage, “a poor player that struts and frets his hours upon the stage,” (to quote Shakespeare) hiding inside a costume. If you’re not showing up for your part, how does that impact all aspects of your life?

When you register for the Wednesday Workshops at Cottonwood Center For The Arts beginning January 14th and the Weekend Intensives beginning January 31st, you will boldly step into the heart of your life’s narrative, and discover, see, and “breath in” your greatest role yet… YOU.

Through this process you allow your old ideas surrounding what you think is “your story” to collapse, giving way for a greater story to emerge, one that deeply affects everything around you. You will become the playwright, director, and actor powerfully liberated from the shackles of your past and be empowered to deliver the performance of your life on the most important stage of all: “The World’s Stage.”

Lessons From The Stage is about “showing up” in every aspect of your life: work, relationships, finances, and health. Whether you’re aware of it or not, your life has tremendous unimagined potential… so why not dive in? Why not courageously discover and embrace it? Why not make it an amazing story? And live the kind of life you’ve known somewhere deep inside yourself is possible.

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