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The State Before The Story

I remember going to see U2 perform in Philadelphia for the first time almost 20 years ago. It was back in the day when I was waiting tables at Morton’s of Chicago. I still remember that concert as if it were yesterday – Bono, backed up by The Edge, rising up to the stage as they jammed “Where The Streets Have No Name.” It was in that place, that experience, that made me feel like I could walk through walls, or better yet, that I could actually be Bono up there in front of the roaring ocean of fans… Where did this feeling come from? The feeling was an internal reaction to the outside world, where my inner state changed in that moment. What was the state?

Power. Confidence. Inspiration. Freedom.

These are emotional states that reside inside all of us. The trick is to be able to tap into those states without actually having to physically be somewhere else, in the moment. The truth is that you have the ability to do that. Anyplace. Anytime.

Ironically, it’s not necessarily the story itself that makes the powerful, winning story. It’s what’s lying underneath it.

What’s lying underneath is called your State. When you are able to tap into your emotional state at will, you’re able to step into a more powerful role as a communicator. It’s what happens beneath the story you’re telling, that is the true target. That’s the secret sauce.

When telling “The Winning Story” in the courtroom, if you can lead the jury to see your client’s perspective, through your client’s eyes and heart, you will have them hooked. Once this happens, they will be in your movie and in the result is a complete emotional State Change, which is exactly what it takes to win them over and win cases. But be aware that it’s a two-way street. Your part of the deal is that you must also be willing to make a complete emotional state change within yourself.

Let me clarify exactly what I mean by State Change. When the perspective you’re seeking to communicate to others is genuine and authentic, it becomes part of a three-dimensional story. Even though it’s someone else’s story you’re telling, it’s still your story. In the world of theater it’s called making a Personal Connection. We see the value of perspective come alive in certain Psychodramatic Techniques made legendary at Gerry Spence’s Trial Lawyers College– “Role Reversals,” “The Soliloquy,” “Doubling,” and “Mirroring,” to name a few. No matter what techniques you choose to employ, hidden beneath the layers of a powerful winning story you will always find the State Change. The State Change is the DNA of a Powerful Communication, the Soul Kick To The Head and Heart.

Once you’ve gained access into the invaluable realm of Emotional State Management, then it becomes far easier to connect the dots in the areas you need to connect to emotionally so your story rings true to your audience.

In your story, if you’re able to put the right perspective in the hearts and mind of the jury, they become hooked; as if they’re actually in your movie. , Doing this successfully results in a complete and total emotional State Change within the fabric of your winning story. But remember, it’s a two-way street. In exchange for the audience making a total emotional State Change, you must also make that same change within yourself.

Without exception, when it comes to telling a powerful Winning Story, if you’re not able to make the State Change within yourself, all you’ve got is an empty shell and language fails to viscerally connect to your audience. On the other hand, when the story you’re seeking to communicate is authentic, it becomes part of a greater three-dimensional story that they cannot ignore.

That becomes the Winning Story.

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