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The Balance of Opposites

As a native Los Angelestian, I’m in awe of the snow.

I’m still in awe that something so pure and white could fly down from the sky and turn a trashcan into an object of beauty. I’m fascinated by the innocence of snow and also by the destruction that it can cause as well. Not unlike fire. I love candles. I love the ritual of lighting candles. I’m not blind to the destruction of fire. Or water. I love water. I love rivers, baths, waterfalls, puddles, rain– I love the implications of all things that flow. But as a child, I had (and still occasionally have them) dreams of being devoured by water, being pulled towards a wave that’s as large as the imagination can bear and as terrifying as a dark open closet across the room.

Every “fear agent” is also a “change agent.”

I’m reminded of the quote, “Fear is like fire. It can either warm your house… or destroy it.”

And watching the snow drift down outside in a world that has been transformed into a glistening scene from Doctor Zhivago on this Monday morning, I’m reminded that fear, darkness, destruction, and ugliness, are as essential to creating and maintaining beauty, pureness, and innocence in our lives.

It’s all part of the play.

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