Executive Coaching

Communication and Presentation Skills Training - The Road To Performance Mastery

What are your greatest communication challenges in court?

What would it mean to you personally (and in terms of verdict dollars) if you were to be able to overcome these challenges?

What would it look like if you could transform your greatest challenges on your feet into your greatest strengths?

Together, you’ll begin your personalized coaching with Jesse helping you recognize and then overcome your internal obstacles to mastering the communication and persuasion skills to win more cases and obtain substantially larger verdicts.

You will quickly uncover what is preventing you from giving it 100% every time you step into the courtroom.

You will deep dive into your nonverbal communication (body movement “putting your hands and feet to work”) and how to use everything you’ve got to deliver The Winning Story – the body and voice balanced with access to your full range of emotions. Jesse says in his workshops, “The goal is not about being emotional…it’s about polishing the tools to help you become more emotionally available.”

Jesse teaches trial attorneys to learn how to be powerful communicators and to use conflict as a necessary strategy, to “draw the jury into the right story they need to hear.”

“The best trial lawyers I know utilize the same skills that most great stage and screen actors need to develop to go from good to great. Together, we also will build on your strengths and incorporate them into your ‘presentation arsenal.'” -Jesse

These tools, taken directly from the stage and screen, will dramatically impact how your winning argument and story is perceived by the jury.

These communication tools will give you the ability to interact with others more authentically…inside the courtroom stage as well as in your own personal life.

These are the Fundamentals of Breakthrough Communication.

“Jesse is a remarkable man and teacher. No one can take one out of their comfort zone better than Jesse and then use that to make one a better lawyer. He has made me a better voice for my clients. His methods and teaching are, in many ways, revolutionary. I highly recommend this man to anyone wanting to become a more effective advocate for their clients.”

John Sloan Trial Attorney and President of Trial Lawyers College

Gold and Premium Executive Communications Coaching

These 2 coaching programs are for attorneys who are dedicated and committed to expanding their ability to become truly powerful communicators—and win more cases. Jesse will take you from good to GREAT by providing the step-by-step framework to help you cut through your communication obstacles and map out your path to master the essentials skills for delivering the “Winning Story.” While each coaching program is customized to meet your specific needs, the process includes the following steps:

Assessment – Define your goals, and desired outcomes. Depending on what’s needed, Jesse may use assessment tools, such as Myers-Briggs Personality Testing, 360 degree feedback, or “Mock Openings and Closings” to help you assess your strengths and challenges and where you are right now.

Planning – Create your coaching development plan that includes the agreed-upon goals, specific action steps, and a timeline.

Coaching – You will meet Jesse regularly by phone and/or in-person for confidential coaching conversations. Between coaching sessions you may be asked to complete assignments, including recommended readings.

Evaluation – Jesse will regularly review your communications progress, and provide detailed feedback to ensure that you are on track to reach your goals. A closing assessment will be used to measure the effectiveness of your work together with Jesse and make recommendations for your ongoing success.

Leverage Your Communications Style for Greater Success

  • Expanding vocal range, breathing techniques, inflection, and expressiveness
  • Develop your own personal style, and command the audience’s (jury’s) attention
  • Invaluable and timeless story structure/storytelling strategies demonstrated on the stage, screen, and TV
  • Using silence powerfully and effectively
  • Owning “your story” with your entire body, not just “from the neck up:” Non-verbal communication & body language
  • Physical relaxation
  • Spatial awareness, balance, flexibility & stamina
  • An increased understanding of the importance of posture, gestures and establishing proper eye contact during a presentation
  • Increased ability to effectively use pitch, articulation, inflection, volume, rate, and clarity
  • The ability to “read” and analyze an audience


This impactful communication training program includes:

  • 2 private coaching sessions out of the year for personalized coaching
  • Video recordings to analyze your “presentation style”
  • Highly effective on-your-feet storytelling strategies that will motivate and persuade your audience
  • The “8 Fundamentals” of Breakthrough Communication Video Series
  • Tips, Tactics and Strategies to create rapport and connection with any audience in your own style
  • Eight one-hour private coaching calls by phone or Skype
  • Unlimited email support in between calls
  • 50% off all Tell The Winning Story seminars, workshops, webinars, and retreats


This impactful communication training program includes:

  • 4 private coaching sessions out of the year for personalized coaching
  • Video recordings to analyze your “presentation style”
  • The “8 Fundamentals” of Breakthrough Communication Video Series
  • UNLIMITED private coaching calls by phone or Skype
  • Unlimited email support in between calls
  • The “8 Fundamentals” of Breakthrough Communication
  • Tips, Tactics and Strategies to create rapport and connection with any audience in your own style
  • ALL Tell The Winning Story seminars, workshops, webinars, and retreats 100% FREE

Tying Your Private Coaching Into Your Current Case
Pre-Trial and Trial Preparation

In addition to consistent polishing of the fundamentals of your communication skillset, Jesse will help you integrate these skills into your current and/or upcoming cases. From the development of your language, themes, sequencing, and “power anchors” for your Opening Statement & Closing Argument, to preparing your key witnesses to be seen in their best light for judge and jury, Jesse’s coaching will help you plan a critical pathway to Tell the Winning Story in court.

Other Related Special Services with Tell The Winning Story Consulting:

  • Create a detailed story structure that organizes the case preparation and presentation
  • Develop a compelling case theory and persuasive themes that will reach “the heart of the jury”
  • Outline the strongest and most critical case story elements
  • Achieve perspective on how a case will be received by jurors at trial
  • Assess key strengths, weaknesses and opportunities of the case
  • Identify central case strengths and weaknesses, focusing on how to successfully integrate them into the case narrative
  • Identify the strengths of the opposing side’s case and potential presentation and assess ways to mitigate those
  • The selection of the appropriate “scenes” for the case (the vital “scenes” for the “story” you’re telling) getting them down to the bare essentials)

Additionally, you will receive the pre-trial and trial “Tell The Winning Story Checklist” that will help you measure your strengths and weaknesses in the following areas:


Witness Preparation and Coaching

Voir Dire

Story/Theme Development

Overall Communication/Engagement Ability (S.T.A.G.E.)

* Jesse will consult with you on all verbal and non-verbal communication within your Opening and Closing to create a compelling and congruent message the jury can trust.

Jesse’s focus is always on supporting you, the attorney, in a confidential manner, while adding value to the organizations and clients you serve. Please contact Jesse to discuss your coaching goals and learn more about the Tell The Winning Story approach, pricing, expected outcomes, and availability.

Call Jesse today for a no charge coaching consultation to see if this is the right fit for you.