September 2017

What are they trying to overcome? What are they trying to get through? What’s getting in the way of what they want? What is their deepest struggle? All of these questions lie beyond the surface of the story. What I mean by that, for example, is that beyond “getting the girl” in the scene an actor is portraying, what does “getting the girl” really get them? What is the character’s primal, universal hunger and need? Power? Freedom? Connection? Peace? Forgiveness? These are the same questions professional theater directors will ask of the actor and

As a jury trial consultant, when I’m asked to jump into a case and help discover the story that needs to be told to the jury, a big part of the job is about finding the moment with my client’s client… the Plaintiff. What is “the moment?” The moment is the place of possibility, where many emotions, words, ideas, thoughts—can turn on a dime. Finding the moment is necessary before it’s possible to stay in the moment. Of course, finding the moment applies to any area of the