April 2017

The articles in Lessons From The Stage: Tell The Winning Story are designed to help you become a much more effective communicator both in and out of the courtroom. As a trial lawyer you face multiple challenges, or “Obstacles” as I prefer to call them, in your cases as well as in your own personal lives. Each of the monthly Lessons From The Stage articles featured provide a framework to begin to appreciate and powerfully use your obstacles to your benefit both inside and outside the courtroom. In this article, we will

“The cure for the pain is the pain.” --Rumi Once we identify what emotional roadblocks are blocking our way—and we listen to what they are telling us and face them—we can then choose to use them to our advantage. In this recent workshop, the main method to help break through the blockade is for each client to create a three to five-minute monologue-- a theatrical tool (picture a shovel, a pick axe, a bulldozer) which serves as a metaphorical digging device to get to the core and extricate the